Minimum ( 3 Hrs ) Rs 350/-
Additional Hours Rs 60/-
Full Day  (8 hrs) Rs 800 + Food/Rs  150 Bata
Halting  (10 hrs) Rs 1000+ Food + Accommodation
Drop  Depends upon total hours and distance + Return Ticket Fare.
Outstation Trip Minimum Rs 400/-                                                  (3 Hrs &  Rs 75/hr extra)


  • For Outstation Trip, Rate will be calculating according to the distance or time whichever is earliest. Minimum of Rs400/- will be charged excluding food or accommodation/day upto 3 Hrs. Extra  will be calculated Rs 2/km or Rs 75/Hr.
  • Before/ On  8.00 AM, 1.00 PM, 8 PM. Rs 70/each will be chargeable extra for food, If it is on journey also.( Depends upon time of travel )
  • After 10.00 Pm Client must pay for driver accommodation.
  • Clients away from city limit should pay additional charge for our drivers traveling cost.
  • Between 9Pm and 5Am rates will be charged  extra.
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